Pascalou – Love and Food


Born in Mississippi, Lottie Baglan owned a café on the Upper East Side in the 1990s. Pascal Bonhomme, a native of France, worked as a sous chef a few doors down. And although they came separately to New York for the love of both great food and a great city, they soon found that a love for each other was as good a reason as any to stay.

In 1996, Baglan and Bonhomme created together the French bistro Pascalou, a quaint and cozy space on Madison Avenue with a truly intimate feel. Still a family run restaurant, Pascalou offers dishes prepared by Bonhomme himself, who put together a French menu with well-known dishes like Sautéed Skate Wing, Rack of Lamb and Crispy Duck Confit. The vast wine selection features more than 30 different varieties.

Whether for lunch, dinner or Pascalou’s classic brunch, Bonhomme strives to create a menu that is, as he puts it, “French-influenced but conscience of health.” His ingredients consist of colorful vegetables and light sauces and the meat is 90% lean.

Bonhomme is constantly experimenting in the kitchen, creating new and innovative meals to surprise the many regulars. In fact, it’s not uncommon at Pascalou to see guests stopping at other tables to talk and it seems at times that everybody knows everybody else. To Lottie and Pascal Bonhomme it feels like “catering to the neighborhood.” “Pascalou is sophisticated and family oriented,” said Lottie. “It’s a small town in a big city.”

A sign that hangs as you walk into Pascalou reads “…because two people fell in love.” Make that a whole neighborhood.