Far-N-Wide III – Brings The World to the Upper East Side

Far-N-Wide III

At Far-N-Wide III on the Upper East Side, you’ll find classic, contemporary and antique jewelry collected by owner Beverly Davidoff from more than 50 countries around the world. “What one person doesn’t like, somebody else does,” says Davidoff, whose shop carries a wide variety of aesthetic styles but specializes in estate jewelry and folk art and even does ear piercings.

Each Far-N-Wide III piece, says Davidoff, tells an interesting story, though some of her most prized possessions were created right here in New York by local artists. She has a particular passion for collecting and selling pieces by Henryk Winograd, the famous silversmith whose work has been featured at The Jewish Museum of New York. Winograd’s pieces display the meticulous handcrafted art of a silversmith at his very best.

From consignment Tiffany & Co. jewelry to handmade African masks, Far-N-Wide III caters to people who want to add eccentric and original conversation pieces to their apartment or summer home. The window display, which Davidoff changes virtually every day, is filled with beautiful jewelry, pendants and other one-of-a-kind works that lure in even those rushing by.

Looking for an appraisal? Not sure of how much your jewelry or trinkets are worth? Davidoff sits down individually with each of her customers to rummage through collections both large and small. Her favorite part of being in the business, she says, is buying from local residents. “I found a three-and-a-half carat diamond for somebody that was mixed into a bag of costume jewelry,” she said with excitement.

Far-N-Wide III is a small space with seemingly infinite discoveries. Come by to browse, chat or even order a pizza. “Thats how it’s been for years,” says Davidoff. And that’s how it will remain as long she’s in business.