Asphalt Green – Your backyard extended

Asphalt Green

As fellow New Yorkers, we’re keenly aware that it’s often difficult to find nearby, wide-open spaces in which to expend all that pent-up energy. And while we consider ourselves lucky to have so many necessities within walking distance, we don’t typically have the privilege of an ample backyard. Behold Asphalt Green, a 5½-acre sports and fitness facility just around the corner on 90th Street, between York and East End Avenues.

According to marketing director Christina Klapper, most people in the neighborhood are not aware that Asphalt Green is a non-profit organization and that it extends its services well beyond its 90th street location, vowing for more than 25 years to assist residents citywide, regardless of their age, gender or economic status.

“It’s great to work for an organization that lives and breathes its mission,” said Klapper. “Asphalt Green is a thriving diverse community.”

Asphalt Green is perhaps most famous for its intensive swimming programs, which take place in Manhattan’s only 50-meter Olympic-size pool. In fact, a few Asphalt Green members are preparing for the 2012 Olympic swimming trials! But don’t worry. You don’t have to be an aspiring medalist to use the facilities. They’re open to all, including 1,300 elementary school students who receive free instructional swim lessons through the Waterproofing program.

Other comprehensive activities – like gymnastics, basketball and soccer – also cater to children to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote outdoor recreation. Of course, Asphalt Green offers many unique adult classes as well, including Antigravity Aerial Yoga, in which you quite literally stretch on a hammock hanging from the ceiling (we hear it’s challenging, though we’re content to take their word for it). Super Spin and Adult Martial Arts are other specialty classes that keep the club at the vanguard of modern fitness.

With 5½ acres, Asphalt Green is – dare we say it? – better than your own backyard!