New York Dog Spa & Hotel – a home away from home for your Dogs

New York Dog Spa & Hotel

Naresh Jessani, co-owner of the New York Dog Spa & Hotel, gave us a tour recently of his Upper East Side facilities. In business since 1998, the company opened its 91st Street location a decade later, and since then has offered neighbors a convenient and trustworthy place to leave their dogs during the workday or while on vacation.

“Our idea was to build a place where we would feel comfortable leaving our own dog,” said Jessani. “Our first priority is always keeping the dogs safe and happy.”

A combination of atmosphere and care forms the basic business model that has made the Spa such a success and brought national attention. Just last September, both store locations (there’s one on 25th Street too) were featured in the filming of the episode Working Like a Dog on the television show “The Apprentice.”

Of course, the Spa offers more than just doggy daycare. Doggy birthday parties, grooming services and meet-up groups for owners and their dogs can all be had. “Dogs are something you have in common, so you may enjoy meeting other people who own the same type of dog as you,” said Jessani. “These are people you may not have met otherwise.”

Spend the morning with Jessani and you’ll hear a number of only-in-New York (but all true!) stories – from a dog that gets dropped off in a limousine each morning to a customer’s request for his dog to be groomed with a red mohawk (I think I’ve seen him!). We had a great time exploring the store and playing with some of the guests and entirely agree with one online reviewer who wrote, “All I can say is, take your dog here!”

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